The veterinary profession has some serious hurdles to overcome, between staff burnout, low professional engagement and unprecedented attrition from the industry. The Veterinary Employer of Choice Accreditation programme is designed to help clinics attract and retain the best possible, highly performing staff, and for veterinary professionals to feel more confident that their personal well-being and development are being treated with as much priority as financial and animal care targets.

The ONLY staff care accreditation scheme for veterinary clinics

How does it work?  
// Clinics sign up to show their commitment to supporting their staff // Engagement surveys, internal interviews and policy reviews are undertaken by VEOC // The clinic is given a number of actionable, measurable targets they need to address in order to gain accreditation  // Accrediation is reviewed annually to ensure standards are maintained and ideally, progress to the next tier  // Job seekers can be assured they are signing on with a clinic who takes their well-being and development as seriously as their financial targets...
Clinics reduce turnover and attract the best candidates
Staff are happier and more engaged in their work
The veterinary profession evolves and grows
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Veterinary Employer of Choice

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